Minor Head Injury Institute

Head trauma is one of the most frequent consequences of motor vehicle accidents. It is accompanied by brain injuries of varying degrees of severity that produce deficits which can affect both motor functions and the behavior, emotions and intellectual capacity of the injured person.


These changes impact the social life, family, work and academic life of those who suffer it and their immediate environment. This is a fact scarcely known not only by the general population but also by the medical community; as a consequence, there is a lack of adequate care for these patients and their families who are affected by the disability of their family member and the lack of answers to their questions and problems.


In this context, the INECO Foundation creates the Minor Head Injury Institute (TEC, for the Spanish acronym meaning MHI-minor head injury)11 with ambitious objectives aimed at increasing society’s awareness on the consequences of the MHI and the importance of the interdisciplinary approach to the patient and his family and at fostering research in this field of developing neurosciences.


The Minor Head Injury Institute has created a Commission for relatives of patients with MHI that aims to undertake actions to inform, advice, support and accompany other relatives who unfortunately are starting on the long road to recovery after a MHI.