How to participate in one of our investigations?

Are you interested in collaborating by participating in any of our research?

At Fundación INECO we are interested in understanding this incredible organ that is the human brain. To do this, we carry out various investigations that sometimes involve people who have had some neurological or psychiatric pathology, and in others involve people who have not had these diseases, whom we call a control group.

Through this form we are convening people with no history of neurological or psychiatric disease interested in participating as volunteers. To be part of this control group, a series of questions will be asked via a form that is detailed below. It will be complemented by an interview once you enter the investigation.

Why participate?

Research on the human brain is advanced thanks to people like you who are interested and donate their time to participate. Thanks to this we can learn more and more about how the brain works. At Fundación INECO we carry out internationally recognized cutting-edge research, which is only possible with the help of volunteers.

How to enroll?

To register as a volunteer you have to fill in the information by clicking here

What happens once I sign up?

Your data (name, age, sex, email) become part of a database, which is only accessible to the main researchers of the INECO Foundation. These data will not be shared with researchers from other institutions nor will they be disclosed. When volunteers are needed that match the data that you. has loaded, an investigator will contact you via email. This is why it is very important that you complete your email properly. If you do not have or use the mail, you will be contacted by phone.

If I am in the database, am I required to participate in the investigations when they contact me?

No. By registering in the database, you will only be expressing your interest in volunteering. The researcher who needs volunteers will contact you informing you of the characteristics of the research, duration, requirements, etc. And you. You can decide if you want to participate or not. In no way does completing the form imply that you must participate as a volunteer and, if you decide to do so, you can leave the research at the time that you. you want.

If I don’t participate, am I excluded from the database?

No. If you do not want to participate in a particular investigation for which you were summoned, it remains in the database and you can be contacted for future investigations.

How do I unsubscribe from the database?

When contacted, you can notify the investigator who contacted you. that you wish not to be contacted again and in this case your data will be removed from our database.

What will I be asked to do in the investigation?

Every investigation is different. Some use only tests and questionnaires, while others may involve performing an MRI of the brain or an electroencephalogram (EEG). There is also research using a combination of both. When contacted, the researcher will explain what the research consists of, the number of encounters and the place where they are held and you. You can choose or not participate in it.

Will I receive any financial remuneration for my participation?

No. Your participation is free.

Will my personal data be published in the investigations?

The results of the tests, questionnaires and images that are carried out will be used completely anonymously in the publications. Your first and last name will never be published. At the start of the investigation, the responsible investigator will ask you to sign a consent authorizing the use of the results in future publications. Remember that you can decide to abandon the investigation at any time you want.