Why donate to INECO Foundation?



We are in the so-called “Brain Decade” and given that the world population lives longer, there is a marked increase in neurological and psychiatric diseases, and we have the opportunity to invest in research actions that are part of our essence and to continue keeping Argentina on the world map of neurosciences.


Why donate to INECO Foundation?


INECO Foundation is supported only with the collaboration of companies and people committed to solidarity, who believe that research and education is the best investment for a country. All of our incomes are used to find answers to the most complex medical challenges and to train the next generation of health professionals and researchers.

Every collaboration, no matter how small, is a key part to be able to do our daily work and find answers to the different problems of people who suffer from neurological and psychiatric diseases, and cause great suffering both to those who suffer them and to their families. All the knowledge generated by our research is transferred to society and future generations and your help makes it possible.

The INECO Foundation is a non-profit entity with tax- exempt status granted by the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues), according to the provisions of Art. 20, inc. F) of the Income Tax Law. Therefore, the donations you make to our Institution may be deducted from the net income of the fiscal year for that tax.


How can I make a donation to INECO Foundation?

There are many ways to collaborate with INECO Foundation:

Credit card:


Click here for your monthly donation by credit card through a secure form.

Cash or cheque:

You can visit our administrative offices of INECO Foundation : Av. Belgrano 1735 4to. “B”.

Transfer or bank deposit:


Bank: HSBC

CBU(Unique Bank Identification Number): 1500054100030034541264

CUIT(taxpayer number): 33-71087345-9

C/C: 3003-45412-6

Once the deposit or bank transfer has been made, send the receipt to: motero@ineco.org.ar


How can I receive information about INECO Foundation projects and the destination of the funds they receive?


The INECO Foundation has an Institutional Development of Funds area. By sending an email to desarrollo@ineco.org.ar, a professional from the area will contact you to inform you about our projects or to schedule an interview at our offices.