Institute of Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience (INCyT, for the Spanish acronym)

The Institute of Cognitive and Translational Neuroscience – INCyT has the mission to promote translational research in neurosciences in cognitive, neurological, psychiatric and neuropsychological disorders, the academic training of professionals, and education and awareness in the community about brain functioning and neurological and psychiatric diseases.

INCyT offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international research in the study of the cerebral bases of cognition, its disorders and treatment, providing a group of researchers and experts in neurosciences and neuropsychiatry who work in collaboration with multiple national and international centers.

Its philosophy is based on the integration, synergy and translation of cognitive neurosciences and applied mental health sciences. To this end, it develops its work on the basis of interdisciplinary work, the relevance of research projects for society and the international impact of its research. Likewise, it promotes the application of its scientific advances in the scientific training of professionals, in the awareness and education of the community, as well as in the welfare of patients with neurological and psychiatric problems and of their families.

The INCyT is an internationally recognized center of excellence in translational cognitive neurosciences, where scientists from different disciplines collaborate connecting theoretical models and basic cognitive neuroscience research with specific applications in people with cognitive problems of neurological or psychiatric nature.

The research focuses on two main areas: the Centre for Research in Cognitive Neurosciences and the Centre for Clinical Research in Neurosciences.