The coronavirus outbreak across the globe has radically changed people’s lives and is having a great impact on their mental health. That is why INECO foundation has been developing a programme with recommendations to support the Latin American society during these challenging times of isolation. The aim of this body of evidence-based information is to provide the community with tools on how to manage anxiety and stress, in order to promote the well-being of society in this context. Stimulating good habits and having verified information is what could make the difference between living this experience in an uncertain and unpleasant way or going through it in a more peaceful and enriching way.

There are many things that can be done to cultivate a good mental and physical health, even in difficult periods such as the one we face today. The key recommendations we share so that people can seek to protect their mental health include: using information from trusted sources, sticking to a daily routine, eating healthy, harnessing self-care, practicing physical activity, sleeping enough and talking about their emotions. It is highly plausible that during social isolation mental illnesses can intensify, that is why in these cases it’s important to talk to the doctor and take necessary measures. Finally, different studies have shown that optimism and the ability to maintain hope are protective factors for a healthy life. Having a general expectation of positive results in the future can have a great impact in the way society faces the pandemic.

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