Symposium: Data Science in Clinical Settings

Symposium: Data Science in Clinical Settings

On June 24th, 2021 at 5 PM (ET Time) INECO Foundation will hold its 13th Scientific Symposium: “Data Science in Clinical Settings“.

Computational tools are transforming mental health research. Large clinical, epidemiological and molecular databases obtained from people affected by mental disorders are being processed by data science algorithms, and begin to provide the answers that both psychiatry and people affected by mental disorders have been waiting for almost two centuries.

Analysis models, like those used by social networks to detect our tastes and interests, can be applied in the health field to detect, for example, a person’s mood or activity level. Speech can be analyzed beyond its explicit content through mathematical processing. Similarly, algorithms can recognize symptoms in patients’ faces or unravel distinctive features from brain images.

INECO Foundation has gathered a group of international experts in this field to help us understand how data science is becoming an auxiliary tool of the human sciences, aimed at facilitating processes that require analyzing large amounts of data.

Scientific Director: Dr. Marcelo Cetkovich (INECO Foundation)

Scientific Coordinator: Daniel M. Low (Harvard University & MIT)