Laboratory of Psychopathological Research

The Psychopathological Research Laboratory (LIP) aims to combine knowledge of basic neuroscience, experimental psychopathology, and psychiatric and psychological clinic in order to investigate mechanisms, processes, and characteristics of normal and pathological behavior. Our research questions are mostly clinical questions: they respond to a dynamic of teamwork with professionals with direct access to the problems and needs of our patients. In this sense, our main mission is to search for new insights from clinical triggers and their articulation with contemporary psychopathological models.

The role of neuroscience in our laboratory is key, it works as a general framework and as a research method. We work with different levels of analysis such as psychological questionnaires, the experimental laboratory, electrical brain activity (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging. Experimental psychopathology is our tool for understanding normal and pathological behavior through rigorous scientific methods, and clinical practice is the area where our questions arise and the recipient of the answers that we can find with our work.

We work together with the rest of the INECO Foundation laboratories, especially with the Laboratory of Public Policies and Society in the study and design of large-scale and social impact projects. On the other hand, within the framework of an alliance with the Favaloro University, we participate in different academic activities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Directors: Dr. Adrian Yoris and Dr. Marcelo Cetkovich