Gleichgerrcht E, Young L.  Low Levels of Empathic Concern Predict Utilitarian Moral Judgment. PloS One 2013

Low Levels of Empathic Concern Predict Utilitarian Moral Judgment.

Autores Gleichgerrcht E, Young L. 
Año 2013
Journal  Gleichgerrcht E, Young L. 
Volumen 8: e60418
Abstract  Is it permissible to harm one to save many? Classic moral dilemmas are often defined by the conflict between a putatively rational response to maximize aggregate welfare (i.e., the utilitarian judgment) and an emotional aversion to harm (i.e., the non-utilitarian judgment). Here, we address two questions. First, what specific aspect of emotional responding is relevant for these judgments? Second, is this aspect of emotional responding selectively reduced in utilitarians or enhanced in non-utilitarians? The results reveal a key relationship between moral judgment and empathic concern in particular (i.e., feelings of warmth and compassion in response to someone in distress). Utilitarian participants showed significantly reduced empathic concern on an independent empathy measure. These findings therefore reveal diminished empathic concern in utilitarian moral judges.
Otra información  En este estudio se exploró la relación que existe entre la empatía y el juicio moral, específicamente para comprender el modo en que el utilitarismo se asocia a aspectos específicos del cerebro social.