Alzheimer’s Disease or Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia? Review of Key Points Toward an Accurate Clinical and Neuropsychological Diagnosis
Too late to be grounded? Action words in foreign and newly acquired languages
Fatigue in multiple sclerosis is associated with multimodal interoceptive abnormalities
Evaluating the reliability of neurocognitive biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases across countries: a machine-learning approach
Category or Diagnosticity Effect? The Influence of Color in Picture Naming Tasks
Robust automated computational approach for classifying frontotemporal neurodegeneration: Multimodal/multicenter neuroimaging
Predictors of naming and picture categorization in Spanish
Structural neuroimaging differentiates vulnerability from disease manifestation in colombian families with Huntington’s disease. 2019
The embodied penman: Effector-specific motor-language integration during handwriting. 2019
The Translation and Interpreting Competence Questionnaire: An online tool for research on translators and interpreters
Researching the invisible: Multi-methodological developments in cognitive translatology
How meaning unfolds in neural time: Embodied reactivations can precede multimodal semantic effects during language processing
Percibir, aprender y ser consciente de los estados internos: dimensiones interoceptivas en modelos de lesión. 2019
Assessment of Conjunctive Binding in Aging: A Promising Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection. 2019
Network analysis through the use of Joint-Distribution Entropy on EEG recordings of MCI Patients during a visual short-term memory binding task. 2019
More than words: Social cognition deficits across variants of primary progressive aphasia. 2019
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