Fatigue in multiple sclerosis is associated with multimodal interoceptive abnormalities
Evaluating the reliability of neurocognitive biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases across countries: a machine-learning approach
Category or Diagnosticity Effect? The Influence of Color in Picture Naming Tasks
Robust automated computational approach for classifying frontotemporal neurodegeneration: Multimodal/multicenter neuroimaging
Predictors of naming and picture categorization in Spanish
Structural neuroimaging differentiates vulnerability from disease manifestation in colombian families with Huntington’s disease. 2019
The embodied penman: Effector-specific motor-language integration during handwriting. 2019
The Translation and Interpreting Competence Questionnaire: An online tool for research on translators and interpreters
Researching the invisible: Multi-methodological developments in cognitive translatology
How meaning unfolds in neural time: Embodied reactivations can precede multimodal semantic effects during language processing
Percibir, aprender y ser consciente de los estados internos: dimensiones interoceptivas en modelos de lesión. 2019
Assessment of Conjunctive Binding in Aging: A Promising Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection. 2019
Network analysis through the use of Joint-Distribution Entropy on EEG recordings of MCI Patients during a visual short-term memory binding task. 2019
More than words: Social cognition deficits across variants of primary progressive aphasia. 2019
Rethinking the neural basis of prosody and non-literal language: Spared pragmatics and cognitive compensation in a bilingual with extensive right-hemisphere damage. 2019
Multimodal neurocognitive markers of interoceptive tuning in smoked cocaine. 2019
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